4 / 9 channel network video recorder

APPRO is glad to present the 4 / 9-channel Network Video Recorder.

APPRO provides a 4 / 9-channel network video recorder for advanced network video monitoring. The NVR-6030 / NVR-6031 brings you dependable video monitoring with lightweight, simple formatted, inexpensive, and no fuss to install. The NVR-6030 / NVR-6031 is compatible with any systems for home and office security.

The NVR-6030 / NVR-6031 has one built-in e-SATA port for storage space and supports network video backup function so that it can offer reliable video recording without data loss.

  • Economical NVR with compact size design.
  • Supports 4 / 9-ch megapixel cameras.
  • Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Supports 1 SATA hard drive up to 6TB: Offers high capacities, durable reliability and performance of today's 24/7 video surveillance systems.



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