Whole environment time-lapse camera

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Un-tethered 4G/LTE-M telecommunication

TC-2116(C) supports 4G/LTE-M wireless connections and can be installed anywhere. Your data is encrypted by a 4G/LTE-M network connection.

24/7 power supply system

Built-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery, TC-2116 can be powered by an external solar power system. Even the weather is rainy or cloudy. TC-2116 still gets non-stop power.

RS-485 (Modbus) interface

TC-2116 (C) can be connected to various environmental sensors with a RS-485(Modbus) interface. The sensors detect the movements of environmental changes. TC-2116C captures the images and data synchronously at those movements. With image and data, it enables multipurpose for environment protection.

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