360 Degree Micro
Fisheye IP Camera

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The World's Smallest Fisheye IP Camera

The 360 Degree Micro Fisheye IP camera is the world’s smallest 5 megapixel fisheye IP camera- lightweight, simple formatted, inexpensive, and no fuss to install. Wireless and wired connections design both have great benefits.

15° Tilt Mount for 180° Panoramic View; Ceiling Mount for 360° Surround View

The 360 Degree Micro Fisheye IP camera can be easily mounted on any wall and features an ideal 15° tilt mount for panoramic views.

Wi-Fi/ PoE Selectable

Wi-Fi or PoE models are selectable, dependent on user’s environment.

Cost-effective Solution

Greater field of view at one time makes it a cost-effective replacement for four separate 720P cameras.

Local Storage & Free Mobile App

Delivers superior 3-megapixel video for 24-hour monitoring and supports SD card local storage for playing back. Always keep an eye on your home or business while you’re away.

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