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Company profile
   APPRO Technology was founded in 1993. Over the years, APPRO has focused on training professional engineers and concretizing their efforts towards technological advancements in the fields of hardware improvement, software integration, digital video, and smart IoT technology. APPRO adopts flexible market strategies to offer satisfying client servicing and competitive prices to its distribution partners.

 Now APPRO Technology integrates sensors, vision, and environmental Control Iota as a cloud service platform. Specializing in LTE/LTE-M telecommunication technology, cloud server management, and video big data storage analysis, APPRO has continued to design advanced products like time-lapse camera, thermal & optical Bi-spectrum Camera, industrial gas, liquid level meter, meteorological environment detector system. The project site can be monitored and managed via smartphone App and Dashboard on PC.

    Appro Technology video IoT solution could be widely applicable to aquaculture, water quality monitor, dynamic traceability, smart farming 4.0, industry 4.0, construction progress, environmental pollution, wildlife observation and so on.  In addition, APPRO strictly follows its own principles of quality control, and has successfully won several certifications and qualifications of excellence such as the ISO 9001, UL, CE and FCC with its innovative products of cutting-edge quality.

    "Strong R&D team, strict quality control policy, prompt and professional customer service and flexible customized marketing strategy" are the competitive advantages and best guarantee of Appro Technology. While targeting the world's growing security demands remains its objective, APPRO also sees a peaceful just, and humane environment as its social responsibility. Seeking dynamic business partnerships and expanding our digital video processing technology, APPRO is forging ahead with its programs of digitalization, networking, and systemization and continues to provide better cloud intelligent networking solutions.


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